Rajska tomatoes from Sveta Nedelja

About us

Award winning quality

Our commitment to quality is recognized abroad; in 2013 we were the winners of the Tomato Inspiration Event, placing us among the 50 most prominent producers of cherry and cocktail tomatoes in the world.


We protect our environment

 Our business and manufacturing processes are governed by the principle of environmental protection. We are GLOBAL GAP Certified, which attests to our standards of producing safe and sustainable agriculture.


Integrated production

We are registered in the Register of Producers in Integrated Production, demonstrating our commitment to balancing production methods with respect to economic and ecological concerns.

Our tomatoes are cared for by our people, bees, and the sun.

Thousands of bumblebees pollinate our miraculous plants, using the life of a yellow flower to create a wonderful, healthy red tomato.


We are from Sveta Nedjelja, a small scenic town near Zagreb, where our red, juicy tomatoes grow effortlessly in the beautiful countryside.

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Our people are devoted to each plant, and with the aid of 10,000 bumblebees, only the juiciest tomatoes are grown here.

Our story


Our tomatoes are lovable and joyful, reminding us of patient mothers.


Our tomatoes are carefully planted and cultivated, our love and work is felt in every detail, from their appearance and scent to their succulent and crisp taste.


Our tomatoes from Sveta Nedelja are loved all over the region, from Murska Sobota and Subotica to our beautiful Sveta Nedelja.


Rajska tomatoes are healthy, great for the heart and skin, and put you in a perfect mood. Once you try them, you’ll love them.